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Have you got your heart set on tying the knot in Italy in 2025?

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Why not meet with the owner of Castello di Petrata, one of the most popular venues in Italy, in New York?

Hi, I'm Luca, owner of Castello di Petrata, and I will be in New York from the 16th Feb to 3rd Mar 2024 meet with you!

When we meet up in New York, I will not only be on hand to recount to you the story my venue has to tell and all the exciting options we offer, but also to answer any and all questions you may have about organizing your wedding day in Italy!

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How does it work?


Fill out the contact form with your details


I will be in touch personally to set a meeting for a date and time that works best for you


At our appointed meet up, I will get to share with you our passion for destination weddings at our Castello in person

This will be a no obligation meeting, just simply an opportunity to share our story with you and tell you all about how we can make your dream wedding in the heart of Italy become a reality!

Fill out the form below and let's set a date for our meetup in New York:

Appointment: the location of the appointment will be confirmed at the time of booking

+393334629417 (whatsapp)

Thanks for submitting!

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