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On this page you will find all the official brochures for 2024/25

Brochure full services for 2025

All our lighting proposals, choose your favorite one, there are also packages for one or more days

Here you will find a list of some hotels/farmhouses/BB/villas that are close to us. Every year we update this list and the prices written there are for reference only. Contact each hotel directly to get a better quote!

All the specifics on food and alcohol for the wedding day and beyond. Also choose some extra corners or tips to surprise your guests

All the details on the mise en place included in our standard proposals and some suggestions for renting something extra. Ask us for advice on how to personalize your wedding

This is a technical file for professionals, musicians, florists, wedding planners, photographers, etc...

Here you can see how the rooms are distributed on the two floors of the castle

Here you will find information on all rooms, photos, minimum and maximum occupancy and more. It is a perfect file for deciding who to assign each room to

This is the form that spouses normally fill out when they decide who to assign the rooms in the Castle to. If you pay for the rooms, just enter 0 in the cost, otherwise you can leave the suggested prices or change them

Here you can find information on a sound system that you can rent, is perfect for the ceremony and for background music and speeches during the seated part of the wedding dinner. It is a perfect solution in case you do not plan musicians or performers during the ceremony and during dinner.

Information about glamping

Information about activities

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